How To Make A Sunroom Warm

To put windows made of plastic or aluminum in the sunroom is always a good idea. Cold sliding glazing will protect the sunroom from dust, wind, rain, making it a comfortable place for the summer holidays. But a warm sunroom is even more practical, as it will turn the room into a full-fledged living room. Most often plastic profiles are chosen for this purpose, but wooden sunroom glazing (if it is warm euro windows made of oak or larch) is an even better solution. If you are not limited in means, the choice of material for a warm profile will depend solely on aesthetic preferences.

It is not so easy to ignore the price when the area of the sunroom glazing is large: in this case, it will help lightweight semi-warm plastic windows or

The Pros And Cons Of Thermal Insulation

Warm glazing of sunrooms has the following advantages:

  • maximum thermal insulation;
  • noise insulation;
  • full tightness, giving protection from dust, debris, moisture;
  • all swing structures have a mode of ventilation and the possibility of installing a mosquito net.

Warm wooden windows also provide natural ventilation in the room due to micropores in wood.  Glazing the sunroom with wood, you can choose any of the double-glazed windows (multifunctional, noise insulation, etc.). The most practical option – warm wooden windows (for example, from an inexpensive, but unstable to moisture pine) with aluminum casings.

Minus sunroom glazing with plastic windows:

  • Considerable construction weight as opposed to lightweight aluminum;
  • higher price in comparison with semi-warm plastic and cold aluminum glazing;
  • if you do not make air vents, then too tight plastic windows will not “breathe” and in winter condensation will begin to accumulate on the glasses, fungus and mold may appear.

Partial Or Panoramic Windows 

Metal-plastic panoramic windows will decorate any sunroom. They give much more light (which is crucial in late autumn and winter) and guarantee a beautiful view. For the owners of country cottages and sunrooms with a view of nature, panoramic glazing with plastic windows will give a feeling of complete unity with nature with reliable protection from cold, damp, seasonal rain, wind and dust.

If you live in close proximity, the whole wall windows are not the most reasonable solution either. At least you will feel like you are in an aquarium. Although you can hide from prying eyes behind curtains or blinds, it is better to choose partial glazing at once instead of panoramic glazing.

Another disadvantage of panoramic glazing is how much it costs because not everyone can afford to glaze a large sunroom with plastic. Wooden euro-windows on the floor will be even more expensive. Aluminum and semi-warm plastic windows are cheaper.

The advantages of panoramic glazing:

  • Beautiful view of the landscape outside the window;
  • a visual increase in space inside the room;
  • maximum illumination during a light day (including more sun at dawn and sunset);
  • a sense of complete unity with nature;
  • spectacular appearance.

Minuses of panoramic glazing:

  • more glazing area, which means an increase in the cost of the sunroom window (while the price of warm plastic windows is already higher than that of cold types of glazing);
  • In the photo, French windows look luxurious, but for this, you need to wash them often and thoroughly;
  • the room is open for viewing from the street – for the sake of privacy, you will have to curtain the windows tightly;
  • increased heat loss (to eliminate heat loss, you can install special radiators for panoramic windows, warm floor to additionally heat the sunroom);
  • attractiveness for burglars.

Standard plastic windows for sunrooms and sunrooms will cost cheaper with the same quality profiles, double-glazed windows and other components.

plastic windows for sunrooms
Plastic windows for sunrooms

Partial glazing is more usual, psychologically comfortable and generally cozier. It is also more profitable in terms of energy saving. In addition, such windows are much faster to make and install. Partial glazing does not require frequent washing and additional care. It is less attractive for intruders. When using appropriate double-glazed windows on the sunroom guaranteed maximum noise and thermal insulation, which is not so easy to achieve if the windows are panoramic.

Semi-warm Sliding Glazing

Sliding plastic windows are ideal for a small sunroom, as they save a lot of living space. In terms of thermal insulation and financial costs, the sliding profile is a compromise between cold glazing of the sunroom and warm windows made of metal plastic.

But do not forget that for harsh winters so-called “light” sliding frames and doors (entrance) – not the best solution if you are going to use the room all year round. But they are ideal for seasonal use or as interior doors (between the house and the annex).

Features of sunroom glazing with sliding pvc frames:

  • minimum profiles with sufficient strength;
  • possibility to install single-chamber glazing with thickness from 6 to 14-18 mm (the sashes can also be filled with glass or sandwich panel);
  • a large selection of opening and ventilation systems, but if desired you can choose the most elementary ones;
  • steel reinforcement inside the profile, which allows you to glaze large areas;
  • budget, but reliable fittings;
  • complete tightness.

All this makes the sliding glazing light and warm enough. It can be used where there are restrictions on the load on the sliding slab. For a number of reasons, the sliding profile is better than the similar aluminum profile: it is safe for children, the frames do not fall out, the sashes do not freeze to the rail in winter. 

PVC sliding windows – very easy to use, but complex design, which is why you should trust professionals.