Why Using Glass Roofs is Always a Good Decision

Glass roofs are enjoying increasing popularity – whether in the conservatory or above the home terrace. Eat, chat, read, do handicrafts: No matter what you want to do outdoors – with a glass roof you are always well protected. More and more homeowners are therefore extending their “terrace season” under the glass roof so that they can also enjoy the very last rays of the autumn sun.

Small showers of rain can be simply “sat out” under it and make the terrace your favourite place almost all year round. Especially in autumn, glass roofs therefore prove to be elegant sun protection and weather protection that allows sufficient light and air onto the terrace while at the same time protecting against unpleasant surprises from above.

In summer, however, the glass constructions reach their limits because they cannot do one thing: provide shade. Sun protection thus falls by the wayside. Nor can they prevent the blazing summer sun from shining onto the terrace or conservatory and heating up the area below.

Enjoy the sun in the conservatory

Anyone who has ever sat under a glass roof in midsummer will know from painful experience how unpleasant this can be. In order to really enjoy the winter garden or the terrace at any time of the day or year, you should therefore absolutely supplement a glass roof with an appropriate shading possibility.

Glass roofs for terrace and winter garden: Versatile sun protection for the glass roof
External shading systems offer the most effective protection against overheating as they reflect the sun before heat accumulates under the glass roof. For example, awnings that are simply extended in sunny weather to provide pleasant shade are perfect.

Optimum sun protection

As they are available in a variety of shapes, colours and systems, they can be very individually adapted to the architecture of the glass roof and personal ideas. Awnings as well as external blinds and conservatory roller shutters can be used very flexibly and are very easy to operate. So you can enjoy the sun even in midsummer without sweating too much.

Aluminium roller shutters offer a special advantage: they not only protect against heat generation, but also against dangerous UV radiation and disturbing glare. In summer, for example, computer work can also be carried out under the glass roof.

In addition they are available with special light rails, which make a very natural play of light and shade possible owing to special perforation. The combination of a pleasant climate and an attractive appearance makes a stay under the glass roof an absolute pleasure.

Autumn delights under the glass roof

When it’s cooler outside and the days get shorter, conservatories are the perfect alternative to terraces for outdoor fans: The generous glass fronts allow a clear view outside and the glass roof optimally captures the last valuable daylight. A conservatory therefore not only enlarges the usable living space, but also enriches the entire living environment with light, transparency and joie de vivre.

Especially in the colder months, it can quickly become quite expensive, after all, the room under the glass roof should be pleasantly tempered for cosy hours. Here, too, roller shutters prove to be a sensible protection against external influences. As they are made of extremely robust materials, they can withstand all weather caprioles and even act as cold protection in winter. When closed, they become additional thermal insulation that can save up to forty percent of heating energy.

All good things come from above

Not only design connoisseurs appreciate the natural incidence of light from a glass roof, such as a wine garden, but also your eyes will love the light. Based on the natural conditions, you can use the incident daylight as long as possible with a glass roof. Ophthalmologists confirm that people who spend a lot of time under artificial lighting conditions have problems with their eyes. Eyes quickly get tired, start to burn and itch.

Natural light coming from above protects your eyes and is therefore good for your well-being, whether you work in the rooms or enjoy your free time reading a good book. The right light also offers your eyes a relaxing break.